Producer and co-founder of Pure Life, CMD094 is based in eastern Ukraine. A master of tape affected ambient, CMD094’s unique style of hypnagogia experienced through broken transmission demonstrated on albums such as ‘1992’ ‘Liquid’ and ‘Kagami Tears’ have made him a cult figure in the underground electronic scene. Influenced by the bright sci-fi and anime of his formative years, CMD094 creates soundtracks of half-remembered episodes, combined with an extensive electronic education of later years.

CMD094 is also a professional mastering engineer, mastering the majority of our releases and heads up Pure Life Studios with Sasha Summ. He also produces as part of the Kuroi Ame project with fellow co-head Panta Rhei, where he demonstrates his ability to produce in a variety of future electronic styles.

Pure Life ЧЖ Discography

??? – 2021
Oscillation – 2019
Liquid – 2019
1992 -2019
For Life (w/ Sangam) – 2019

Appears on:
Ambient Punk Vol. I – (2019)
Ambient Punk Vol. II – (2020)
Downpour Ritual – (2020)
The MAGI System – (2021)