Kuroi Ame


Kuroi Ame (‘Black Rain’) is the collaborative music project of Pure Life Co-owners CMD094 and Panta Rhei. Kuroi Ame employs various techniques from multiple electronic styles to create something that exists somewhere between soundtrack and the dancefloor.

As of 2021, Kuroi Ame are no longer human.

‘Music by machines, for machines’

Pure Life ЧЖ Discography

??? – 2021
眼泪含泪 (w/ 輕描淡寫)
Love – 2019
Sacred – 2018

Appears on:
地府 – 2019

Ambient Punk Vol. I – (2019)
Ambient Punk Vol. II – (2020)
Shared Hallucination Episode I – (2020)
The MAGI System (2021)