Rashida Prime

Estonian producer Rashida Prime is known for his unique enveloping long-form sci-fi soundscapes. In 2016, Rashida Prime created a trilogy of albums: ‘Source Reflection’ ‘Calculus’ and ‘Damaged Interface’ which played on themes of irreality with a strong focus on trans-humanism and ascension of the mind to the digital realm. After a 3 year absence, RP finally returned in 2020 with his long-awaited follow up ‘Plastic Void’, where he demonstrated complete mastery of the cascades of arps and crushing building melodies of his trademark sound, completely immersing the listener and effectively  whilst treading the line between spiritual ascension and nightmarish dystopia.

Rashida Prime returns with a new album in 2021.

Pure Life ЧЖ Discography

??? – 2021
Plastic Void – 2020

Appears on:
Ambient Punk Vol. I – (2019)
Ambient Punk Vol. II – (2020)
Shared Hallucination Episode II – (2020)
The MAGI System – (2021)